Data and knowledge management systems

Graphic of brain and electronic circuits ©Infineon Austria

Objective 1: Prove concept for security-capable data management and automatic knowledge base update including the demonstration of knowledge validation

Virtualization of ECS value chains

Graphic of microchips and electronics ©Infineon Austria

Objective 2: Smart development and seamless integration into smart production by providing ubiquitous access to information, easy collaboration facilities, and a virtual live representation of operational processes.

Digitization across Product Lifecycle

A robot is handling wafers at a production ©Infineon Austria

Objective 3: Optimized life cycle and change management along the value chain (based on the development and integration of the Digital Twin concept).

Development of right skillset to manage complex digitized systems

Graphic of a human stating People in center ©Infineon Austria

Objective 4: Enhancing innovation capability by a human-centered design of ECS development processes, production systems and value chains.

Results and iDev40-technologies validation within industrial pilot environments

Man holding a wafer ©Infineon Austria

Objective 5: Demonstrate the effectiveness for the addressed essential technologies within iDev40 at the smart manufacturing application domain.

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