Journal Articles

Peter Franze, Germar Schneider, Clara Zaengle, Markus Pfeffer, Stefan Kaskel (FHG/IFD)
Investigation of the Airborne Molecular Contamination Behavior in 300mm Semiconductor Front-End Manufacturing
International Journal of Material Science and Applications (2020)

Elena-Diana Şandru, Emilian David, Ingrid Kovacs, Andi Buzo, Corneliu Burileanu, Georg Pelz (UTCN/IFAG)
Modeling the Dependency of Analog Circuit Performance Parameters on Manufacturing Process Variations with Applications in Sensitivity Analysis and Yield Prediction
Transactions on Computer-Aided Design of Integrated Circuits and Systems (2021)

Bernhard C. Geiger, Gernot Kubin (KNOW)
Information Bottleneck: theory and applications in deep learning
Entropy (2020, Volume 22)

Osvaldo Gasparri, Paolo del Croce, Andrea Baschirotto (UniMiB/IFAT)
DC-DC buck converter driver with variable off-time peak current mode control
Advances in Science, Technology and Engineering Systems Journal (2020, Volume 5)

Bernhard C. Geiger, Ian S. Fischer (KNOW)
A comparison of variational bounds for the information bottleneck functional
Entropy (2020, Volume 22)

Mathias Lechner, Ramin Hasani, Alexander Amini, Thomas A. Henzinger, Daniela Rus, Radu Grosu (TUW)
Neural circuit policies enabling auditable autonomy
Nature Machine Intelligence (2020, Volume 9)

Jesus L. Lobo, Javier Del Ser, Francisco Herrera (Tecnalia)
LUNAR: Cellular automata for drifting data streams
Information Science (2021, Volume 543)

Manfred Rosenberger, Michael Fellmann, Fabienne Lambusch, Michael Poppe, Michael Spitzer (ViF)
Zur Messung des Einflusses von „Augmented Reality“ auf die individuelle Produktivität bei Montagearbeiten
HMD Praxis der Wirtschaftsinformatik (2020, Volume 57)

Denny Kopp, Michael Hassoun, Adar Kalir, Lars Mönch (FUH)
SMT2020 - A Semiconductor Manufacturing Testbed
Transaction on Semiconductor Manufacturing (2020, published online 12 June 2020)

Jacob Lohmer and Rainer Lasch (TUD)
Production planning and scheduling in multi-factory production networks: a systematic literature review
International Journal of Production Research (2020, published online 29 July 2020)

Jesus L. Lobo, Igor Ballesteros, Izaskun Oregi, Javier Del Ser and Sancho Salcedo-Sanz (Tecnalia)
tream Learning in Energy IoT Systems: A Case Study in Combined Cycle Power Plants
Energies (2020, Volume 13)

Konstantin Posch and Juergen Pilz (Uni-Klu)
Correlated Parameters to Accurately Measure Uncertainty in Deep Neural Networks
Journal of Transactions on Neural Networks and Learning Systems (2020, Volume 31)

Stela Kucek and Maria Leitner (AIT)
An Empirical Survey of Functions and Configurations of Open-Source Capture the Flag (CTF) Environments
Journal of Network and Computer Applications (2020, Volume 151)

Jesus L. Lobo, Izaskun Oregi, Albert Bifet, Javier Del Ser (Tecnalia)
Exploiting the stimuli encoding scheme of evolving Spiking Neural Networks for stream learning
Neural Networks (2020, Volume 123)

Konstantin Posch, Maximilian Arbeiter, Jürgen Pilz (Uni-Klu)
A novel Bayesian approach for variable selection in linear regression models
Journal of Computational Statistics & Data Analysis (2020, Volume 144)

Jesus L. Lobo, Javier Del Ser, Albert Bifet, Nikola Kasabov (Tecnalia)
Spiking Neural Networks and online learning: An overview and perspectives
Neural Networks (2020, Volume 121)

Maximilian Toller, Tiago Santos, Roman Kern (KNOW)
SAZED: parameter-free domain-agnostic season length estimation in time series data
Journal Data Mining and Knowledge Discovery (2019, Volume 33)


Sophia Keil, Fabian Lindner, Rainer Lasch and Jacob Lohmer (Editors) (HSZG/TUD)
Digital Transformation in Semiconductor Manufacturing - Proceedings of the 1st and 2nd European Advances in Digital Transformation Conference
Springer - Part of the Lecture Notes in Electrical Engineering book series (2020)

  • Patrick Moder, Hans Ehm, Eva Jofer: A Holistic Digital Twin Based on Semantic Web Technologies to Accelerate Digitalization (IFAG)
  • Lars Mönch, Hans Ehm, Thomas Ponsignon: Framework for Simulation-Based Decision Making in Semiconductor Value Chains (FUH/IFAG)
  • Patrick Moder, Hans Ehm, Nour Ramzy: Digital Twin for Plan and Make Using Semantic Web Technologies – Extending the JESSI/SEMATECH MIMAC Standard to the Digital Reference (IFAG)
  • Maximilian Dilefeld, Sebastian Rank, Thorsten Schmidt: Enhancing Prediction Quality of Fab Simulation by Advanced Cycle Time Modelling (TUD)
  • Patrick Boden, Sebastian Rank, Thorsten Schmidt, Martin Däumler: Visualization of Automated Material Handling System Components in Semiconductor Industry over the Lifecycle (TUD)
  • Bernhard Oberegger, Andreas Felsberger, Gerald Reiner: A System Dynamics Approach for Modeling Return on Quality for ECS Industry (WUW)
  • Jacob Lohmer , Christian Flechsig, Rainer Lasch, Germar Schneider, Dietrich Eberts, Benjamin Zettler: Automation of Cross-Factory Decision-Making Within Administrative Processes to Enhance Data Quality for Production (TUD/IFD)
  • Ralf Ramsauer, Jan Kiszka, Wolfgang Mauerer: A Novel Software Architecture for Mixed Criticality Systems (OTH)
  • Michael Spitzer, Manfred Rosenberger, Alexander Stocker, Inge Gsellmann, Matthias Hebenstreit, and Michael Schmeja: Digitizing Human Work Places in Manufacturing Through Augmented and Mixed Reality(ViF)
  • Stela Kucek, Maria Leitner: Training the Human-in-the-Loop in Industrial Cyber Ranges (AIT)
  • Osvaldo Gasparri, Roberto Di Lorenzo, Paolo Del Croce, Andrea Baschirotto: PCMC DC-DC Converter Development Methodology by Means of dSPACE (UniMiB/IFAT)
  • Martin Schellenberger, Sabrina Anger, Markus Pfeffer, Volker Häublein, Georg Roeder, Anton Bauer: Smart Platform for Rapid Prototyping: A First Solution Approach to Improve Time-to-Market and Process Control in Low-Volume Device Fabrication (FHG)
  • Sophia Keil, Fabian Lindner, Josef Moser, Rüdiger von der Weth, Germar Schneider: Competency Requirements at Digitalized Workplaces in the Semiconductor Industry (HSZG/HTW/IFAT/IFD)
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