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European Impact

The European leadership on Industry 4.0 is fostered by iDev40 as an important measure to safeguard more than 15.000 jobs directly in the participating facilities, 50.000 jobs of the people employed at all industries partner facilities worldwide as well as 3Million jobs in the whole European ECS value chain.

iDev40 targets to contribute to speeding up the time to market and mastering the ever increasing complexity by a focused approach for digitalization.

Process Virtualization for successful integrated development and Artificial Intelligence, based on more advanced digital technologies and digitized knowledge has the potential for improving industry processes, creating new ways to work and enabling new generation of “smart” products and services. Value chains will become value networks by changing the basics of industrial sectors to a seamless knowledge driven business.

iDev40 will contribute to enforce digital skills and education in order to support Europe’s future competitiveness and will create meaningful jobs for the future through qualification of people and organizations making the digitalization challenge an opportunity for European industry.

The overall impact of iDev40 will lead to a new role of Europe in digital culture, leadership, skill sets and capabilities of the human workforce to implement the digital change.

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