Virtualizing the ECS value chain for a Smart Factory Network

iDev40 work package 2 partners meet for first workshop at Campeon in Munich

The workshop covered detailed descriptions of the work performed for all task leaders and led to a summary of highlights and achievements in this early project phase. Furthermore, risks and challenges as well as possible solutions were discussed. All current activities are on track to achieve milestones and deliverables as defined at project start. Part of the discussions included possible exploitation by industrial partners and application of earned knowledge to use cases.

iDev40 work package 2 focuses on four main areas, depicted as objectives throughout the project: The Virtual Factory Cluster, Smart Experiments, Proof of Quality and Reliability, Real-Time Control and Planning 4.0.

Infineon Dresden acts as WP leader, other partners involved in this work package are Austrian Institute of Technology (AIT), TTTech, Virtual Vehicle Research Center (ViF), TU Vienna, Fraunhofer IISB, Systema, OTH Regensburg, TU Dresden, FU Hagen, Elmos, University of Siegen, WH Zwickau and Infineon representatives from Austria (Klagenfurt and Villach), Italy, Romania and Germany (Dresden and Munich).

Transforming singular process towards an integrated – digitalized – value chain builds upon the development of a so called digital twin. The digital twin ontology is a Semantic Web concept based on the digital reference ontology, which is one of the main exploitations of WP7 of the large ECSEL lighthouse project Productive4.0 with Infineon is leading, too. To go beyond the existing isolated individual applications, new virtual technologies are developed and implemented combined with standardized toolboxes, to overcome media breaks between specific systems. The SmartFab Cluster Concept will enable smart engineering and development in terms of a global perspective. With the digital reference it was also nice to see how the two Infineon driven ECSEL projects productive40, with the focus on enabling the digitalized age via our current semiconductors and iDev40, with the focus on new semiconductors, are interlinked.

Participants of this workshop have enjoyed many interesting discussions during the break-out and poster sessions and strengthened their relationships which will further facilitate future collaboration between all partners involved. Visionary talks described the iDev40 objectives in the areas of secure data and knowledge management along the product life cycle, digital information flow and innovations in the supply chain. By closely interlinking development processes, logistics and production with Industry 4.0 technologies, iDev40 achieves a disruptive step towards speedup in time to market. By developing and implementing a digitalization strategy for the European electronic components and systems industry a “breakthrough change” is initialized.

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