iDev40 on the ECSEL JU Symposium in Brussels

A wide range of European and global stakeholders in the Electronics Components and Systems field, including Industry, Research and Financial Communities, European, National and Regional decision-makers and international partners got together in Brussels on 19-20 June 2018 for the second ECSEL JU Symposium.

This event aimed to provide a unique opportunity and space for the ECSEL funded projects to present their progress and results to date, to disseminate the scientific and technological achievements, and to show their contributions to the program.

Visionary keynotes presented emerging trends and new perspectives in the digital sector.iD Moreover, strategic exchanges featuring high-profile keynote speeches and panel discussions, and cast light on the impact of the ECSEL JU funded projects on real life and business took place.

The iDev40 project was presented and introduced by its project coordination team Infineon Technologies Austria AG - Sabine Allmayer (project manager) and Josef Moser (project coordinator).

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