EADTC & iDev40 General Assembly Meeting in Milan (Italy)

Milan, April 4-5 2019

The two-day meeting brought more than 60 representatives from the iDev40 consortium together. The project consortium was warmly welcomed by the principle of the Physics of the University Milan-Bicocca, Prof. Guiseppe Gorini and the host Prof. Andrea Baschirotto. The overall objective of this meeting was to exchange and discuss results and achievements in the main work-packages and to coordinate the next steps of the coming project months. Hence, the partners got a good overview of the various topics. Moreover, administrative issues were discussed and first preparations for the first review meeting started. The meeting was perfect for exchanging and discussing the first, promising results and achievements in the main work packages.

iDev40 Project Consortium

2nd European Advances in Digital Transformation Conference - The second European Conference in the context of digital Transformation took place on the 4 April 2019, before the iDev40 General Assembly Meeting was held. Further, interesting iDev40 research results presentation were held and discussed:

  • Jacob Lohmer from the Technical University Dresden presented an approach to automate cross-factory decision-making within administrative processes to enhance data quality for production.
  • Gerald Stieglbauer from AVL talked about digitization across the product lifecycle
  • Osvaldo Gasparri from the University Milan-Bicocca held a technical speech about PCMC DC-DC Converter Develpoment
  • Michael Spitzer from ViF demonstrated how augmented and mixed reality will affect human work places in manufacturing.

Furthermore, more topics were presented in a poster session:

  • An advanced further education framework for industry 4.0 (HSZG)
  • Smart Platform for Rapid Prototyping (FHG)
  • How to Increase the Digitization level of Administrative Processes in the Semiconductor Industry (IFD & HSZG)
  • Digital Twin for Plan and Make - from MIMAC to Semantic Web based Digital reference (IFAG)

Due to the great success of the EADTC and the positive feedback from all iDev40 partners, the next conference will be held in April 2020 and it is planned to open it also for other ECSEL projects.  


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