Jema Energy

We offer Engineering + Manufacturingservices in order to provide power systems which fit your specific needs and requirements.

Development of power electronics systems characterized by their robustness, reliability, high performance and quality.

Since 60 years, Jema Energy designs and manufactures Static Power Converters for different sectors, such as Power Plants, Oil & Gas, Plasma Physics, Particle Accelerators, Railways , Renewable Energy, electromobility systems onboard and charging infrastructure.

We are customer orientated, developing bespoke systems and solutions which meet specific requirements of each project. These are innovative solutions with high technological content.

The aim of Jema Energy is to be a leading international company in providing customized solutions based on power electronic systems.

  • Founded in 1953.
  • Head Quarters in San Sebastián, northern Spain.
  • Commercial representations in USA, Brazil, Mexico, Qatar, UAE, Oman, Saudi Arabia, Morocco, South Africa, Italy, France and Germany.
  • Company is part of Grupo Irizar (3500 employees and yearly turnover of 620 M€).
  • Certifications ISO-9001, ISO-140001 and OHSAS-18001.
  • 130 employees Over 60% dedicated to research and development of new products.
Logo of this consortium partner

Jema Energy SA
Paseo del Circuito 10
20160, Lasarte-Oria, Gipuzkoa

Innovative and custom made productsfor top demanding sectors.


Tier 1 on propulsion technologies (design capability).

Key Contribution

  • Work package 3: Change management40 in Development
  • Work package 4:
    • Managing complexity
    • Managing risk @ zero failure
      Using real data collected from the field and market feedback to enable quick design changes. Feed test rigs with real field data for rapid design changes
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