Ibermàtica SA

Ibermática is one of the main IT service companies on the Spanish market.

Ibermática’s activity is focused on the following areas: consultancy, infrastructure services, information system integration, outsourcing and business integrated solutions. It also offers specific vertical solutions to the main markets (Finance, Insurance, Industry Manufacturing, Services, Telecommunications & Media, Healthcare, Utilities and Public Administration).

It completes its offer with technological solutions such as Business Intelligence, ERP&CRM, business process management (BPM), portals and digital business, document management, Social Business, human capital management (HCM), mobility, accessibility, security and artificial intelligence, as well as Cloud Computing services.

At present, it brings together 3,100 professionals, distributed around more than 20 offices in different countries, and has a turnover of 225 million euros.

IBERMATICA always has been distinguished by the constant search for excellence and a strong commitment to quality and innovation. Its production centres of solutions and services consistently apply the most advanced concepts in standardization and industrialization of software.

In this focus on innovation as a competitive advantage in the growth of any business project, in 2005 created IBERMATICA Innovation Institute (i3B), a research centre that directs the application of improved models in order to bring solutions to market based on the innovative use of Information Technology.

Logo of this consortium partner

Ibermática SA
Paseo Mikeletegi 5
20009 San Sebastian


Ibermática will develop Cyber-Safe cloud software, to predict system failures, to do predictive maintenances, to detect anomalous behavior and detect causes for the incidences with data from connected vehicles, simulated systems or test bench using analytics models (both deterministic and machine learning).

Key Contribution

Ibermatica will collaborate in a Use Case to develop a drive train digital twin for a heavy duty application. The goal of Ibermatica is develop a cloud-based system that receives and processes all the data gathered from different sources as vehicle sensors or test bench to predict how a vehicle will perform, find anomalies in the data, make recommendations as predictive / proactive maintenance, etc through the use of AI tools.

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