Fundación Tecnalia Research & Innovation

TECNALIA is a benchmark research and technological development centre in Europe. We offer a different business perspective: because we create solutions in co-operation with companies to provide value through technology.

Key challenges for society and the economy can turn into business opportunities for companies. Based on those needs at TECNALIA, we work to generate differential margins and success for their business which are translated into higher quality of life for people, progress and well-being for society at large.

These challenges and opportunities are related to:

  • Advanced Manufacturing,
  • Low-carbon Energy,
  • Health and Ageing,
  • Digital and Hyperconnected World,
  • Urban Habitat,
  • Climate Change and Lack of Resources
  • and, in short, anything related to the economical and social development.

Our best asset is our team, made up of more than 1,400 experts who work to transform technolgy into GDP in order to improve People's quality of life by generating business opportunities for Companies.

Experts from 30 different countries are divided into 21 headquarters; they are responsible for visualising, identifying and developing comprehensive technological solutions with creativity and imagination for over 4,000 clients, and offering comprehensive solutions paying personalised and multi-disciplinary attention to each one of them.

Logo of this consortium partner

Fundación Tecnalia Research & Innovation
Parque Científico y Tecnológico de Gipuzkoa
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We transform Technology into GDP


Inside WP3, Tecnalia will develop a heavy duty drivetrain digital twin for a vehicle which will allow to have a complete digital footprint (virtual domain) of the complete system from design and development through the end of the product life cycle. Besides, special focus of the development will be on data analytics applications for advance diagnosis and predictive maintenance of vehicles deployed in the field. It will enable the insight not only of the product as designed but also of the system that built the product and how the product is used in the field. It will allow making predictions about the expected product behavior.

All these developments will be deployed into UC14: Connected vehicle for the improvement of powertrain production and predictive maintenance

Key Contribution

  • Tecnalia will heavily contribute in WP3 to the design of a drivetrain digital twin through the participation in tasks 3.1.1, 3.1.2 and 3.3.1. Leading the latest.
  • Tecnalia will contribute with its deep knowledge in data analytics for maintenance to the design of algorithms and services for diagnosis and prognosis. This work will be carried out in WP1 and 3
  • Tecnalia will contribute to UC14, deploying its development into it.
  • Additionally, Tecnalia will contribute to the WP6 for project management and risks mitigation.
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