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Akting is an engineering company located in the Gipuzkoa Science and Technology Park, dedicated since 2007 to offer technological solutions for the optimization of processes and services, in order to increase the speed of execution of the client's work and increase its profitability.

In recent years, and due to the great demand of the market, AKTING has been dedicated to the development of applications in multi-device environments, specializing in several technologies: Smartphone operative systems (Android & iOS), SmartTV and adaptive web development, also known as responsive design. These types of applications require information systems that translate into complex databases that eventually design information analysis tools and indicators that facilitate processes and decision making in organizations: information panels, operational indicators and processes or systems monitoring. The engine of the company is the technological innovation applied to research and development. The capacity of the human team; young, creative and with an experienced in new technologies, makes projects to have the maturation required by the market and customer.

Within this new paradigm of gathering and processing of data, the company has three fundamental axes in which it supports the business project:

  • Data Capture: detection and capture of data from external information systems and devices with connectivity.
  • Data Mining: manipulation, exploitation and calculation with own data in order to obtain indicators.
  • Control Panels: proposal of actions according to a rules and parameters that propose the needs of the project.

Akting as a specialist in responsive Smartphone, TV and web technologies, is immersed in markets as diverse as digital television, industry, smart mobility, Smartcities or the retail. It is carrying out projects to implement new processes based on technologies optimized for the industry so that is part of the transformation suggested by the Industry 4.0 concept so used at the moment. In the same way, the creation of applications and web platforms very specialized in the respective technologies gives us a very good positioning with respect to other competitors on the sector.

Logo of this consortium partner

Gipuzkoa Science and Technology Park
Mikeletegi 83 - 1
2009, San Sebastián

Our essence, the development of IT solutions


Akting is expert in data detection and capture of data from external information systems and devices with connectivity and manipulation, exploitation and calculation with own data in order to obtain key performance indicators. The role of AKTING in the project is basically involved in the Use Case on Automotive industry, dealing with heavy duty electric powertrain. AKTING will offer advanced data analysis services in the field of automotive and transportation. For more than 5 years the company has been working in the sector with complementary information to the vehicles.

Key Contribution

AKTING will develop algorithm to work with big data from a connectivity platform (cloud) to extract valuable information from products in service in order to feed advance test rigs to update digital twin and study market concerns for root cause analysis. This task is very important as there will be thousands of products in service generating high flow of data to the cloud platform which requires smart algorithms to extract the valuable information. Specifically, the information extracted will be the required to automate tests using real data for the engineering team. It will be used in UC14.

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