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Technical University of Cluj-Napoca (UTCN), is the tertiary educational institution from Romania having both tradition and national and international recognition. The Technical University comprises at present 12 faculties, in the two academic centres of Cluj-Napoca and Baia Mare as well as in locations, such as Alba-Iulia, Bistrita, Satu Mare and Zalau.

The educational offer, aligning the Bologna system, includes Bachelor, Master, Ph.D. programmes of study as well as lifelong educational programmes. The domains of study range widely from engineering to architecture, from fundamental sciences to social sciences, humanities and arts. The Department of Lifelong Learning, Distance Learning, and part-time courses also organizes activities and lifelong courses, post graduate programmes, as well as courses for professional development and occupational standards.

Research is conducted at department level, predominantly in 80 accredited research structures. The research strategy is based on self-sustainable interdisciplinary and multidisciplinary structures capable of outstanding scientific achievements, integrated within a multidisciplinary research institute.

The university is involved in over 100 international major research projects and over 150 national research projects.

The university acts in the research field of power integrated circuits (ICs) in two main research programs: PartEnerIC and SET4CIP.

PartEnerIC is a partnership for developing and transferring know-how and technologies between the UTCN and industrial partners, such as Infineon Technologies Romania (IFRO). Its specific aim is the development of improved methodologies for design, characterization and modelling of power ICs for automotive applications. The focus is on ensuring robustness, high yield and efficient models for system-level verification.

SET4CIP is a bridge research project between the UTCN and IFRO for developing of a new generation of electro-thermo-mechanical simulation algorithms on top of the simulation and testing platform used by IFRO.

Logo of this consortium partner

Technical University of Cluj-Napoca
Memorandumului 28
400114 Cluj-Napoca

Technical University of Cluj-Napoca is Transylvania’s largest technical university concentrating more than 20 000 students in 100 bachelor, master and PhD programs in engineering.


Technical University of Cluj-Napoca will act as an academic partner in the project, focused on the research, implementation, validation and exploitation of the project results achieved in collaboration with the project partners. It will focus on:

  • Smart development & collaboration:
    • Development of advanced simulation tools of the electro-thermal-mechanical processes within IC’s,
    • Development of methods for pre-fab yield prediction and their validation using post-silicon verification data
  • Qualification and proof of reliability:
    • Development of optimized electro-thermal-mechanical simulation methodologies based on figures-of-merit pertaining to reliability,
    • Development of methodologies for yield assessment in production, identification of yield detractors and analysis for root cause discovery of the yield loss

Key Contribution

  • Efficient simulation methodology of power ICs which operate under fast power cycling;
  • Advanced methods for multifactor pre- and post-silicon yield estimation and prediction, detection of yield detractors and root cause discovery;
  • Tools and methodologies for IC yield estimation and prediction.
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