Infineon Technologies Dresden

Infineon Dresden is a fully-owned subsidiary of Infineon Technologies AG and one of the biggest Infineon production sites with a highly automated high-mix fab for 200 mm wafers for more-than-Moore technologies as well as the first high-volume production of power semiconductors on 300 mm wafers worldwide. About 2,200 highly qualified and experienced experts from 20 nations work in the fields of technology development, production and support at Infineon Dresden.

The 200 mm fab manufactures high-end chips for the automotive industry, security and chip card applications, power management and multimarket applications. The production covers a wide range of technologies with structures from 0.25 μm to 90 nm: More than 45 technologies and derivates for more than 400 different products with the possibility to choose between copper and aluminum metallization layers. Priorities are CMOS, eFlash, RFCMOS, Smart Power and CMOS optics.
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Infineon Technologies Dresden GmbH & Co. KG
Königsbrücker Straße 180
01099 Dresden

In July 2011, the Infineon Management Board decided to establish Dresden as the world’s first high-volume fab for power semiconductor devices on 300 mm wafers: A new chapter for Infineon Dresden’s future with great potential.


Infineon Dresden will do further work on automation and digitalization of semiconductor manufacturing processes in a frontend wafer fab within the scope of the iDev40 project and utilize novel methods based on digitalization and the internet of things in order to increase the efficiency of the processes and production.The project iDev40 specifically aims at the improvement of interfaces between the development process and volume production. In collaboration with development activities at different sites the vision is to close the gap towards a smart fab cluster.

Key Contribution

Infineon Dresden will take charge of leading the work package ”Virtualization of the ECS Value Chain” and will work on methods the establish a virtual fab cluster. Furthermore IFD will elaborate novel planning methods, as well as the execution of fully automated experiments to continue the improvement of the time to market factor. Next to technical topics IFD will also support topics concerning improvements within the vertical supply chain with the goal of optimizing the collaboration within a highly complex fab cluster.
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