HTW University of Applied Sciences Dresden

HTW Dresden and especially the workgroup Human Factors and Resources is an institution of applied science. The workgroup has it´s specific research focus in the field of human work in complex work systems. Our goal is to develop solutions for industrial research questions and to support the transfer to practice (e.g. tools and software for work analysis and human centered work system design).

Dresden University of Applied Sciences was founded in 1992. It is the second-largest university in the capital of the state of Saxony. Engineering, economics, design, and 'green' disciplines constitute the four pillars that the 36 forward-looking diploma, bachelor's, and master's degree programmes in civil engineering/architecture, electrical engineering, informatics, product design, machine engineering, and business administration are based on. With 8 faculties, approximately 170 professors, and more than 5,000 students, the university is large enough to integrate the different disciplines successfully and generate a high synergistic effect. On the other hand, it is still manageable enough to facilitate personal dialogue in individual courses.

Logo of this consortium partner

HTW Dresden, University of Applied Sciences
Friedrich-List-Platz 1
01069 Dresden

Integration of work system design and qualification.


Development and testing of new simulation based methods for work analysis, support of the designers of new production systems in the fields of human factors and work design.

Key Contribution

  • support in the field of qualification concepts and analysis of demands and necessary job profiles in future production systems
  • analyzing and assessing the influence of integrated and intelligent production systems on human capabilities in problem solving and innovative behavior
  • Supporting the development of software tools and computer supported learning environments
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