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At evolaris next level GmbH we implement the potential of the digital interconnection and put people in the centre of attention. Our primary focus rests on the conception and development of digital assistance systems in the industrial sector.

evolaris is Austria’s leading centre of excellence focusing on mobile applications and business model innovation for a connected world. Since its establishment in 2000 Evolaris has experienced steady growth. More than 35 experts with differing areas of competence are aiming to bridge research and economy. Its focus rests on conception and development of applications for the web and mobile devices as well as the evaluation of business models for the economically useful application of mobile technologies. Findings resulting from its research activities are directly incorporated into its innovation projects in order to sustainably increase the competitiveness of its clients and partners. Its vision is to prepare companies and public institutions for a future where more and more people, business and things are connected through ICT and to accompany them as an innovative partner on this continuous journey.

Evolaris has extensive know-how regarding EU/international projects, both as coordinator (e.g. as coordinator of the FP6 STREP mGBL – mobile game-based learning) and participant. evolaris is the host of a so-called COMET K1 centre, a Austrian funding programme for centres of excellence where evolaris participated from 2000-2016 with an annual budget of over 2 mio EUR, coordinating a partner network with more than 25 national and international industry and scientific partners. As lead partner of the COMET consortium evolaris has conducted more than 50 projects in the last 15 years. With regard to EU funded projects evolaris participated in many different programmes, ranging from ARTEMIS over FP6/ICT, ERASMUS, eContent+, LEONARDO, … to H2020.

Logo of this consortium partner

evolaris next level GmbH
Hugo-Wolf-Gasse 8
8010 Graz

EVOLARIS implements expertise gained from participation in over 50 funded projects into concrete, market-ready digital products and services for industrial use.


As innovation centre EVOLARIS will conduct user requirement analysis, usability & user experience design and evaluation, as well as iterative development of assistance system with users mainly for the Virtual 3D Assembly use case.

Key Contribution

EVOLARIS will contribute to establishing smart workplaces with digital assistance systems with functionalities like step-by-step guidance and live remote collaboration support using smart glasses, with strong focus on usability & user experience.

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