AIT Austrian Institute of Technology

AIT is Austria's largest contract-oriented, non-university research organization of European format and focuses on the key infrastructure issues of the future. AIT works in close collaboration with industry, customers from public institutions, universities, international and national research partners as a highly specialized R&D partner, striving to provide added value through innovation, new technologies, new methods and tools, which comply with the institute's motto "Tomorrow Today".

The AIT Austrian Institute of Technology, Austria's largest non-university research institute, is among the European research institutes a specialist in the key infrastructure issues of the future. The Center for Digital Safety & Security is developing cutting-edge information and communication technologies (ICT) designed to ensure safe and reliable operation of critical infrastructures.

In the competence unit Security and Communication Technologies, the focuses is on the development of new software standards, methods, tools, and process approaches for the verification and validation of highly reliable, safe and secure software and systems, with a special focus on industrial and autonomous systems. The core competences of the area are design, development, integration, verification & validation (V&V) and certification support of reliable, safe and secure systems. Another key area of the competence unit Security and Communication Technologies is cyber security training and exercises with AIT’s cyber range. Cyber security training and exercises can increase the resilience of organizations by testing and evaluating incident response handling, standard operating procedures and information sharing for standard and critical cyber incidents.

With these activities the AIT has earned an excellent reputation in the field of safety and security research internationally. The industrialization of new technologies in this area is supported by a variety of international activities - through strategic partnerships with leading automotive suppliers, participations in competence centers and the integration of technologies in projects of European platforms such as ECSEL, the European technology and research platform for supporting the European industry to strengthen its leading role in the field of embedded systems.

Logo of this consortium partner

AIT Austrian Institute of Technology GmbH
Giefinggasse 4
1210 Vienna


AIT as a research center will work on enabling interconnected and dependable systems by providing technical contributions in the field of safety and security engineering and training for industrial experts.

Key Contribution

AIT will develop technical training scenarios for highly skilled teams that are implemented on an industrial cyber range

AIT will contribute to a use case enabling technical training on an industrial cyber range

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