Journal Articles

Stela Kucek and Maria Leitner (AIT)
An Empirical Survey of Functions and Configurations of Open-Source Capture the Flag (CTF) Environments
Journal of Network and Computer Applications (2020, Volume 151)

Jesus L. Lobo, Izaskun Oregi, Albert Bifet, Javier Del Ser (Tecnalia)
Exploiting the stimuli encoding scheme of evolving Spiking Neural Networks for stream learning
Neural Networks (2020, Volume 123)

Konstantin Posch, Maximilian Arbeiter, Jürgen Pilz (Uni-Klu)
A novel Bayesian approach for variable selection in linear regression models
Journal of Computational Statistics & Data Analysis (2020, Volume 144)

Jesus L. Lobo, Javier Del Ser, Albert Bifet, Nikola Kasabov (Tecnalia)
Spiking Neural Networks and online learning: An overview and perspectives
Neural Networks (2020, Volume 121)

Maximilian Toller, Tiago Santos, Roman Kern (KNOW)
SAZED: parameter-free domain-agnostic season length estimation in time series data
Journal Data Mining and Knowledge Discovery (2019, Volume 33)


C. Flechsig, J. Lohmer, R. Lasch (TUD)
Realizing the Full Potential of Robotic Process Automation Through a Combination with BPM
In: Logistics Management Proceedings of the German Academic Association for Business Research
Springer - Lecture Notes in Logistics (2019)

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